Our Approach

We have experienced little employee turnover because we are selective about who we hire and pay attention to both our collective and individual needs. Half of Edict’s developers have been with the company 8 or more years. This kind of stability is extraordinarily hard to achieve but the benefits are many.

Longevity is a trait in Edict’s customers as well. Most customers will engage Edict on an on-going basis for 4 or more years. Several of our clients have ongoing projects that have continued nearly a decade.

We are passionate about what we do and who we do it with.

We are not a staffing company. Our developers spend 98% of their time working in our office where they are most efficient.

We prefer a highly-collaborative style of development and often invite our customers into the shop to work side-by-side with the development team on the design of their application.

We cut our teeth on very large datasets. Our most experienced developers have spent decades working with large transactional datasets and understand how to engineer for scalability.

Edict has extended its service delivery capacity by establishing long-term partnerships with other firms having complimentary strategic capabilities such as: training, risk analysis, network infrastructure implementation, and survey analysis.

Edict’s high performance team will almost always out produce the ad hoc teams assembled by our larger competitors. Larger companies rotate their staff frequently as a result of growth, attrition and changing priorities. Edict’s people are highly interdependent, cross-functional and largely cross-trained in each other’s areas of expertise.

In a smaller organization like Edict, wasted time, incompetence and mediocrity stand out like a walrus in a colony of penguins. Edict’s team is extraordinarily intolerant of walruses.

Edict promotes a lean approach to design and development that is proven to be extraordinarily effective. It delivers the highest possible value at the lowest total cost to the client.

We have achieved a level of fault tolerance that rivals much larger organizations or facilities. We continually review our policies, procedures and infrastructure design remove single points of failure.

Edict is actively engaged in preparing for a Type II SAS 70 audit. This is a third-party audit of our service delivery controls. The auditor’s statement will deal with the presentation, design and operational effectiveness of our controls.
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