Edict's state-of-the-art office and data center

Edict's state-of-the-art office and data center


Edict Incorporated was founded in 1989 and initially focused on EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and communications. As the Internet evolved from academic curiosity to commercial necessity, Edict found its niche as a provider of web-based application development services.

At a time when the Internet was mostly about simple HTML markup and business card size web pages, Edict pioneered web-based staffing management systems at Ford Motor Company. PeopleNet Online put a web front-end on a Client/Server and Oracle back end to broadcast contracting opportunities to 50 select suppliers. The system also electronically captured weekly timesheets for 4,000 contract employees and \ consolidated electronic billing back to Ford. This was the first use of a supplier facing, Internet-based, information system permitted by Ford Motor Company.

We continued on from that early web-based development to produce web-based systems for: product marketing, e-commerce sales, online communities, supply chain mapping, business intelligence, and event data coding. We specialize in developing custom systems that give our customers a competitive advantage – systems that are not easily purchased off the shelf.

Our clients have included: Fortune 10 automotive companies, Federal agencies, global manufacturing firms and an assortment of smaller organizations. Our customers will tell you that we are smart, creative, efficient, and success oriented. To meet the needs of widely different organizations, we adapt our project management style to the needs of each specific project or customer. Edict’s clients pay for just enough documentation, design and development to achieve the desired outcome.

We are unapologetic about our size. We call it Smaller by Design™. With the right team members, a small team will almost always out perform its larger competitor when developing custom applications. We’ve spent over a decade building a high performance team with an impressive record of accomplishments.
280 Mill Street Suite A
Rochester, Michigan 48307