Business Intelligence

Supplier Financials Data Aggregation, Client Name Withheld at Client's Request
Dealer Network Management
Hours Worked: 13,645
Website: Withheld at Client Request
Client sought to offer an online tool where manufacturers, suppliers and service providers could upload their own data and get real time evaluation against other entities in similar fields. The system provides a rich set of benefits like risk ratings, scorecards, benchmarks and trend graphing in a secure, walkup-use system. This scalable system is relevant for all businesses, from the smallest “mom and pop” operation to Fortune 500 companies in almost any field or service sector. The system's users provide data via template based Excel spreadsheets and get immediate access to scorecards and performance benchmarking. Edict has provided development, hosting and marketing services including logo design and a stand-alone marketing website.

JCB, Client of Grant Thornton, Ltd
Dealer Network Management
Hours Worked: 2,436
Website: Secure application, no URL available
JCB, manufacturer of heavy duty construction equipment, needed a method for collecting and evaluating performance data from its dealer network. This application tasks dealers to upload a monthly template-based Excel spreadsheet with sales and service department figures. JCB management sets targets for the dealers and periodically scores the uploaded data against these targets. Dealers are able to log in and review their overall performance against the dealer network as a whole and track performance through trend graphing. JCB management can access rich dealer comparisons, trend graphs and create ad hoc reports.

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